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NSSF Rimfire challenge Oct 18th. Start getting your .22 ammo together. We are working on a supply for competitors and will let you know. Email us of details.

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 ...October 11th a Sat will be the Next Professional TN handgun permit class. Learn the correct way the first time.  Reserve a seat now.....See Schedule page for details..Use the Enroll link to reserve a seat now......More details on the Schedule page..........

Handgun Permit Training for Tennessee Residence. Dedicated outdoor ranges for handgun rifle and shotgun training Professional firearms training for Tennessee civilian. Tennessee state certified ranges and classroom

Firearm Tactical Training School Courses
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CCW TRAINING FOR TENNESSEANS. Best Handgun Training In Tennessee


Rattlesnake Ridge Training Center and School is a full service facility with ranges, classrooms, retail shop, and training areas located in the center of 1700 acres of private forest just 10 miles from Ft Campbell, KY near Clarksville, Tennessee. We provide professional firearms training to civilians, military and law enforcement personnel. Best Tennessee handgun permit courses around.  Commonly called a CCW Tennessee calls it a Handgun Permit. You must attend a state course at a state certified school and range. We Teach many courses to include the Tennessee Handgun Permit Course on our  State certified ranges.  Handgun Training at its best. Tactical firearms training equal to or superior to all available courses in the U.S. NRA Firearms training in all disciplines through instructor level available. Handgun training, CCW, Handgun Permit training, whatever you wish to call it we offer it all.                 

Firearm Tactical Training School Courses

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                                           Tennessee Handgun Training  available to all Tennessee Residents 

Commonly called the CCW by the public in Tennessee its called the Tennessee Handgun Permit. At Rattlesnake Ridge training center we offer one of the best Tennessee Handgun Permit Courses in the State. Our classroom and ranges are state inspected and certified and our staff are all certified by the state as well as the NRA and other agencies. We offer handgun training as well as Tactical firearms training for handgun, rifle and shotgun in addition to the Tennessee Handgun Permit. Our courses are equal to or Superior to any programs offered by any tactical training school in the United States. Active duty military personnel who have qualified with a handgun no longer have to take any training to get the Tennessee Handgun Permit. See our link above for details or contact the Tennessee Department of Safety. We are seriously concerned with this new law and feel it is dangerous and will lead to a serious mistake by a military qualified handgun permit holder who has not been required to learn the rules of engagement as taught by the Tennessee Handgun Permit program. Shooting skills are not in question but a typical soldier does not know what he does not know about Tennessee law and rules for using deadly forces, where he can or cannot carry, why caliber and firearms selection could lead to or avoid a law suit, why one never fires a warning shot or shoots to wound....etc. All of our instructors are Military Retirees or Veterans as well as Law Enforcement officers. We encourage all persons to seek out competent training before carrying a firearm in public. We welcome all into our Tennessee Handgun Permit course or any of our training courses. For more information about our CCW Tennessee Handgun Permit courses or other Tactical Firearms Training programs at Rattlesnake Ridge see our "Courses" link at the top of the page.

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 MAP LINKs -> Our facility is found 10 miles down SR233 off Dover Road. South of Ft Campbell.
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          This publication assists a person who has been issued a Tennessee Handgun
Permit.  All fifty states are listed with the laws and regulations for
each state.  The 1st section lists the states that honor the Tennessee
Handgun Permit.  Type of carry allowed, rules and regulations, restaurant
carry information, and the state regulatory agency is included.  The 2nd
section lists states that do not honor the Tennessee Handgun Permit and
how to transport a handgun in each state.  Tennessee Laws regarding
carrying in Tennessee are included.  It is the responsibility of every
person who has been issued a Tennessee Handgun Permit, to know the laws in
any state they take their handgun.  This publication helps to meet this
difficult task.  Purchase includes up-dates for six months from the date
of purchase.

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